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Your Home Survey


There is no set scale of fees charged by surveyors and fees will alter depending upon the type of company and the experience of the surveyor.My fees start at £400 and there is no VAT to pay. I offer a prompt, reliable and professional service to my clients at a cost effective price.

What I do

Home Building Survey Report

I have over 35 years' local experience inspecting residential properties of different ages, sizes and forms of construction. Over the years different types of survey reports have been designed by surveyors and the RICS. Unfortunately, constantly changing the layout, introducing codes plus symbols, limiting the scope of some inspections and using standard statements does not always lead to clarity. Home purchasers are not always sure as to the extent of the inspection and type of report they require. Ultimately you should be choosing the experience and quality of the surveyor and not just the type of report.

In order to assist and meet the expectations of my clients, I have designed a universal report which is called a Home Building Survey broadly equivalent to what my customers often call a “Full Structural Survey”. This report is suitable for any home as it has built-in flexibility and the fee quoted will reflect the size, age and condition of the individual property. As your Chartered Surveyor I analyse the information gathered on site to provide you with a clear report which includes proper conclusions and advice, all written in plain English.

Before the inspection I will discuss the property with you. I will carry out a desk top study to better understand the property. I will exercise the skill to be reasonably expected from an experienced Chartered Surveyor. The survey report will make you aware of the overall condition, significant defects and matters which may warrant further investigations. My expert advice will assist you in making a reasoned and informed judgement on whether or not to proceed with the purchase.

The standard of inspection is better than a RICS Home Buyer Report and is similar to the RICS Level 3 Building Survey (details described on the RICS website) but with a concise report in a traditional format. Further details and the headings of the report can be seen by clicking here. The survey is carried out bearing in mind that I am a visitor to the property, respecting the wishes of the vendor, safety to people and what can reasonably be achieved during a site inspection.

I do not include repair and improvement costs in my report as we all know quotations for work can vary widely depending upon how quickly you need the work carried out, materials used, specification etc. An insurance rebuilding cost assessment is included. A valuation is not included in the report. In some cases after reading the report you then have to decide what to do next and this may involve organising further inspections, cost estimates from contractors and further legal investigations. If required I can help here.

Example paragraph from the Report shown below

C5. Windows

The original windows were Crittal steel framed single glazed casement windows and as mentioned in section 16 there may be no original steel or concrete lintels over the windows and external doors. On the front elevation the windows are now good quality modern plastic framed double glazed with side opening casements and have a useful trickle air vent on the frame. The handle on the opening window in the toilet is broken and this needs to be repaired.

On the left and rear elevation the windows have been replaced many years ago with timber framed double glazed units all installed to a satisfactory standard. The outer timber window sill in rear bedroom two shows significant decay on the left hand side but the opening casements are still satisfactory. The paintwork on the timber windows is split and worn. The ground floor toilet and utility room still have the original steel framed single glazed windows which need redecorating but are still serviceable.

– Apart from the toilet window which has a broken handle all the windows were operating. Steel framed windows are not a good insulator. No signs of cracked glazing or condensation problems. The Vendor informs me that the plastic framed windows are guaranteed for 10 years and you should check the paperwork. The timber framed and steel framed windows can be overhauled but consider replacing with modern double glazed units. General maintenance required.

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