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General Advice Documents

These are documents that can be viewed on a laptop or a PC but may not be suitable for a mobile phone. These documents can be downloaded and saved as a PDF and if you wish then printed off.

These documents may be mentioned in the Home Building Survey Report but in order to save paper they will not be included as part of the printed report. After receiving your Home Building Survey from BH Surveyors Ltd. either by email or in the post please look at these documents.

Click on the relevant heading below and you can then view the document.

  1. Asbestos Cement Products in the Home

  2. Asbestos on the Home

  3. Glossary of Words used in the Survey report

  4. Condensation Heating and Ventilation in the Home

  5. Japanese Knotweed

  6. Legionnaires' Disease

  7. Maintenance Advice for the building

  8. Rising damp Treatment

  9. The Building Regulations - Short Notes and Explanation

  10. Exploded view of House

If you have a problem viewing or downloading any of the above documents please contact me and I can then email the general advice document direct to you.

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